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How TFY Benefits Empower Our Staff

How Together for Youth’s Benefits Empowered Matthew Dwyer’s Journey

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Meet Matthew Dwyer, a Financial Analyst in the Planning and Analysis Department at Together for Youth. Since joining the team in December 2021, Matthew has balanced his full-time role with pursuing a master’s degree in accounting. Through meticulous time management and the flexibility offered by Together for Youth, he was able to attend school full-time while meeting his professional responsibilities. Additionally, the organization’s tuition reimbursement program provided crucial financial support.

“Completing my master’s in accounting while working full-time was challenging, but incredibly rewarding,” Matthew shares. “The team’s support was amazing, allowing me to make up hours and manage deadlines effectively. This flexibility was crucial, especially with a demanding subject like accounting.”

Matthew’s academic journey was further supported by Together for Youth’s tuition reimbursement program, providing financial aid as he navigated his studies. Based in Albany, Matthew appreciated the ease of attending classes locally while maintaining his work commitments. He plans to leverage his education toward enhancing his contributions to the finance team.

Beyond the support for his education, Matthew highlights the organization’s commitment to investing in its staff. “The encouragement from supervisors and the overall investment in my journey have been incredible. Together for Youth truly believes in supporting their employees,” he says. Reflecting on a major compensation adjustment implemented shortly after he started, Matthew notes, “It was exciting to see the agency prioritize compensation and retention, especially for program staff like therapists and social workers. This focus on fair compensation and work-life balance makes me proud to be part of an organization that values its people.”

Matthew’s journey with Together for Youth exemplifies how the organization’s commitment to its employees creates a thriving work environment. The benefits he has experienced, from flexible scheduling to tuition reimbursement, far surpass those offered by other organizations. By prioritizing staff investment and support, Together for Youth not only enhances employee satisfaction but also ensures a dedicated and motivated team.

Matthew’s story stands as a testament to the agency’s belief – when employees are well-supported, they in turn provide the best support to those we serve.