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A joyful woman and a young girl sitting closely, smiling as the woman creates a heart shape with her fingers in front of her eye. they are in a bright indoor setting.
Monthly Givers Club

When you become a Monthly Giver, you are making an impact all year long. This past year, Monthly Givers made the following happen:

  • Sending kids like Julia, a child in foster care, go to theater camp because it’s always been a dream of hers.
  • Providing bunk beds for siblings like Eric and Dustin so they can stay together in their new foster home.
  • Supplying a specialized bike for a kid like Harrison who is physically disabled and hasn’t been able to ride a bike before.
A young, cheerful couple takes a selfie outdoors on a sunny day, both smiling widely at the camera. she wears a purple hoodie, and he wears a gray shirt. trees and a fountain in the background.