Community Partners

When we partner with members of our community, the youth and families we serve experience profound benefits.

By joining together in our mission, we harness a diverse range of creative ideas, talents, and skills, transforming them into innovative and impactful partnerships. These collaborations not only enrich our programs but also strengthen the communal bonds, fostering a supportive environment where everyone thrives. Together, we can achieve a greater good, creating brighter futures and stronger communities.

Read the stories below to learn about some of our community partners and the positive impact they make.

A young child wearing an orange shirt and blue tie-dye shorts is playing joyfully in a water fountain. They are smiling as water splashes around them on a sunny day. Other children and adults are visible in the background enjoying the fountain area.

Upstate Chevy Dealers

The Upstate Chevrolet Dealers have donated $25,000 to Together for Youth’s ‘Summer to Remember’ program, ensuring exciting summer activities for youth in the Greater Capital Region. This initiative provides memorable experiences for youth in care, promoting personal growth and social interaction.

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Two men, Tammar and Angelo, posing together indoors, the one on the left wearing a gray hat and sunglasses, the one on the right wearing a yellow sweater, both smiling at the camera.

Meet Angelo & Tammar

Bringing author Chris Wilson to our juvenile detention center, a new dialogue filled with hope and aspirations emerged from the youth, thanks to Angelo and Tammar.

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