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Therapeutic Foster Care Foster Parents change lives… Both the children’s and their own.

Therapeutic foster parents are people who provide a safe, temporary home for children in need whether on a part time or a fill time basis. The primary goal of therapeutic care is reunification with the birth parents. These caregivers receive additional special training and support to be part of the care team responding to the needs of children in their home.

Commonly Asked Questions

Reunification. The goal of this program is to reunite children with their families.

A child will be placed in the program for approximately 6-12 months. After which time the child returns to their family.

The training curriculum is the same as traditional foster care with an additional 2-day training specific to the Foster One Program. rnrn

Unlike traditional foster care, foster parents in this program receive a higher daily rate of $121.

Yes, however, foster parents utilizing the Foster one Program can only have one foster child at a time.

Most of the communication with birth families filters through the Team Leader.

A lot! You will get to know our team very well. This is a small team which means tons of support. Staff check in daily (M-F) and are available 24/7 via phone and/or in person. Foster parents meet with the Team Leader in person weekly to discuss the treatment plan, gain support from other families, and receive additional training.

-Children in this program require additional care and attention as compared to children in traditional foster care. rnrn-The premise of this model is to catch them being good; reinforcing positive behavior since we know that what you pay attention to grows.rnrn-Behaviors are reinforced utilizing sticker charts to monitor behavior along with rewards

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