Stories of Hope

How One Board Member’s Mental Health Initiative Supported Together for Youth’s Bronx Power Project

At Together for Youth, we believe that our strength lies not only in our mission but in the meaningful connections we forge within our communities and dedicated board members. We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support and collaboration that have become the cornerstones of our organization’s
success. These partnerships have not only fueled our growth but have also allowed us to extend our reach and impact. Together, we are working towards a brighter future, driven by our shared commitment to our mission and the values that unite us.

One of our board members, Alessandra Angarita, went the extra mile and sought a corporate donation to supply teens at TFY’s Bronx Power Project with mental health kits.

The mental health kits include items like sanitizer, deodorant, ChapStick, and coloring books designed to help de-stress. Alessandra, Director of Volunteerism at the United Way of New York City and a member of our board of directors, was thrilled to bridge the partnership between our organizations.

Having helped plenty of young children during her time at the United Way, specifically those aged five and under, Alessandra’s enthusiasm grew as she sought out additional resources for teenagers. She saw the Bronx Power Project as an ideal chance to contribute to the empowerment and support of teenagers within the community.

Alessandra stresses the importance of finding gaps in the community and the importance of perspective when talking to community members. By having various conversations with teens, she was able to find out specific items they needed – items like nail clippers. She finds herself on the ground floor, always asking questions to ensure young people have the advocacy they need. She’s delighted by the pride that lives in the Bronx community.

There has been an uptick in teens with mental health issues and she is working toward providing more resources for these youth. Her next project with TFY will be to generate awareness surrounding this topic and provide teens with mental health kits that include community resources, journals, words of affirmation, stress clay, and more.

She jests that her two favorite words are “partnerships” and “community,” but her genuine commitment speaks volumes! We take great pride in having Alessandra as a valued member of our board and eagerly anticipate witnessing the impactful advocacy efforts she is spearheading within our communities.