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New York Nonprofit Organizations Partner to Expand Care and Services for Families

The Berkshire Farm Center and The House of the Good Shepherd, which are two of the largest nonprofit child welfare organizations in the State of New York announced a strategic alliance on January 17th, 2023 to provide care and programs to over 11,000 families in New York State.

In addition, these two organizations will offer a broader array of services and an expanded continuum of care. The announcement notes that the two organizations comprise over 1100 staff members serving children and families in New York State.

“Simply put, together we will be able to help more children and families in more and different ways in a larger portion of our state. The operational efficiencies we hope to see will translate into real-world benefits for our organizations, which, in turn, provide benefits to our communities, strengthening the children and families within them.”

– Brian Parchesky, Berkshire Farm Center’s president and CEO

While both organizations will continue to be separate, they are forming a joint parent company, Stronger Communities NY, which will combine some of the administrative services along with maximizing the strategic planning capabilities of both organizations.

What Is The Berkshire Farm Center and The House Of The Good Shepherd:
Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth serves over 8,500 New York State children and family members. According to the organizations, their mission is “to strengthen children and families so they can live safely, independently, and productively within their home communities.” Learn more by visiting the Berkshire Farm Center website.

The House of the Good Shepherd creates and implements solutions to meet the growing needs of vulnerable children and families with a mission to provide care that changes children’s lives. They provided foster care & prevention, residential, and education services for over 2,000 children and families each year. For more information, visit the Changing Childrens Lives website.

According to the announcement, the two agencies working together will help attract and retain a more diverse and skilled workforce. That will allow for more high-quality programs and resources for the welfare of children and families

The combined effort will result in an operating budget of close to $115 million annually, employ 1,100 people, and serve approximately 11,000 New York families.

“Empowering positive change within our communities and profoundly impacting the lives of countless children and families stands as a united commitment between The House and Berkshire. Through collaboration and strategic implementation, we are forming an alliance that will focus on leveraging our strengths to better serve those entrusted to our care.”

– Brian McKee, President and CEO of The House of the Good Shepherd