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Fuccillo Feeds the Front Lines Delivers Meals to Local Hospitals During Pandemic

ALBANY NY (WRGB) – A local car dealership doing their part to feed the hard workers and first responders on the front lines of this pandemic.

Billy Fuccillo Jr and his team at Fuccillo Automotive started the Fuccillo Feeds the Front Lines project.

It’s meant to show their appreciation to all kinds of essential workers.

This week they delivered hundreds of meals to places like Saint Peter’s, Ellis Hospital, or Berkshire Farm Center.

“It gave us the opportunity to not only help the people who really need it right now, the front line the healthcare workers and municipalities but it also gave us an opportunity to help the local restaurants,” said Fuccillo Auto Group President Billy Fuccillo Jr.

Fuccillo hopes everyone will do what they can to help, and that the community will continue to say thank you to these first responders.