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Berkshire Farm Center Spreading Kindness in 2020 with #BeKindBeBerkshireChallenge

BINGHAMTON – Over 500 employees of Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth are spreading kindness across New York State with each positive message they write on post-it notes left on their co-workers desks, in coffee shops, and around the Southern Tier as part of their #BeKindBeBerkshire challenge that they hope inspires others to pass the kindness forward.

BeKindBeBerkshire notes are being found by people all over New York State and those participating in the challenge reach as far as Seattle, Washington.

As part of the challenge, people are snapping a picture of their note and posting it to Berkshire’s Instagram or Facebook page @Berkshirefarmcenter, using the hashtag #BeKindBeBerkshire, then tagging three friends to do the same.

Participants are encouraged to leave as many #notesofkindness in as many places as they can in order to spread kindness. You can join our Kindness Challenge today and learn more by visiting

“We see the value of promoting kindness both in the workplace and in our communities across
the state,” said Brian Parchesky, President and CEO of Berkshire. “You never know how much
your simple kind words can mean to someone who may be having a bad day.”

Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth was founded in 1886 and maintains a mission of
strengthening children and families so they can live safely, independently, and productively
within their home communities.